Friday, August 18, 2006

RIP Rails Blob

I am sorry to say that my good friend Rails Blob died yesterday. He suffered a massive existence failure after a huge diarrhea blowback in a telephone box. When the ambulance arrived he was already fading... he had been phoning to book his place at RubyConf and was still clutching his well thumbed printout of 'Getting Real'.

The doctors said his diet of blogs and badly written computer books had been too much for his digestive system, and allied with the huge strain of the recent Rails upgrades on his nervous system, his intestines had gone critical and caused a fecal chain reaction. The explosion knocked the electricity out on three blocks and caused minor disruption to traffic.

Rails Blob should be remembered for his dedication to the cause of Ruby, his deep (very deep) fascination with DHH (he had several walls covered with photos of DHH in his bedroom) and his constant battle with the dark forces of what he called 'the Javacs', or what his doctors affectionately called his 'insipient paranoia with violent outbursts'.

He knew that the Rails community would go from strength to strength and that the veneer of smug, cultish, we're-so-hip-we-cannot-fit-trousers-on- over-our-pelvises teenage fan club mentality found in certain quarters of the community would grow up to be something better.
He always pointed out that Rails would inherit the mantle of Smalltalk, the greatest programming language ever written.

When history repeats itself, after all, the first time is tragedy. The second time is farce.

Now where did I put that flyer for the $900 one day 'Getting Real' seminar? Oh it's under my Tony Robbins books over there...


Clegg (Rails Blobs friend)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ruby On Raels