Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I has been reading the sRpoing web page. My God. Thans heavens we have the DDT.
He convented a code note fromat called YMAL (Yes Mateys Another lSandwich)
The one the Javacs use for SRpoing is XsMeLL called that cos it is a codefart of comsmic propertions. I tried using it for a laff in my notepad on Linus (KATE) and it smelt so bad I had explosif vomitting onto my LSD scream. I took tow hors to clean it.

We captured a Javacs and made him eat XsMeLL notes what we had written on toilte paerp and he died. We buried his body and made a grvestine what read "Killed by XsMeLL"

That is a lie buit it was funny, yes?

DDT woud be pround.


At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Blob,

remember to use license when
kill -HICKUP Javacs; you no - like that other spi 2.times owe seven.

If not - I tink the MD5 will come and getty you, if not M him self or her if Movie.new!

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