Tuesday, August 15, 2006

why dekstop as Linus has falled

I is reading lot s of poepl that think lInus should be used on the dekstop.
I is a haxker and I know s my stuff. I love linus with all my hart but it will never make a good desktop. It is not cos newbs get confused by /usr and the sudo and the notepads wars and installin using apt-regret.

It is cos dekstops is best made owt a wood, now ins;t theys? Dum marhketwers peopls.


At 1:38 PM, Anonymous rubbidy dubby bloob fan said...

holy cow sir! first yuor spelling seems to be suffering this post, yuo should try going to file->load in yuor notepad and finding /usar/bin/sys/var/speling i think

i agree in the part of useing apt-regret, it is confusing. nooobs can easily forget to update the apt-cash, it is a box on teh top of yuor refriegeratier where yuo put spare coins and dollars when you want to share them with your apartment roommmates and to buy paper towerls and debian packages.

it can be maed easier using ksnazzysynergey with shiney pantsuits technology to guify your synergy expereience and also install packages simply. (i got this tip from hppt/teh.linus.tips THERE ARE MANY MORE THERE!!

hoepfully we can convert teh JOE AVERAGE USAER to use linsu since it can sometimes come with rubby!!! taek than Javacs!! which does not come with linus because it does not have a driveing license in sweden so it is not allowd to come with linus by default (this is called licensing issue by linus hackxers!!) ALSO since the internets tubes are maed of linus the internets sent will come faster and smoother like CODING ON RUBBY RAWLS!!

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous rubbidy dubby bloob fan said...

ps i mean no offsense with the speling remark, it is just a remark of hopeful helpfulness!! i donot want to start a firewar and have teh land of rubby fall into a thousand oppininationed peices, this is what happened to pythone with the snaekpie framework and "danglies" webframework and intarweb.pie and 100000 othars!!. RUBBY SOLIDARITY! raels wooo


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