Friday, August 11, 2006

Upgradeing Rails: Securiety through Obscenity

My hero DDT has shown what a treu Hacxker he is.

No messin' arown - he uses his martian arts to TELL peoples when to upgrade. They is so afrid that they do!

He says


"And don;t ask why or I WILL be angry..."

I has upgarded already.. but lets me tell you. I was sitting as my conputer sweating and stuff until it was finshed. I is afraid of being hackxer and pwdned as mccuh as anyone, but I is more efraid to fight DDT (and I is GOOD at martian arts and Rubby, let's me tell you)

My friend Clegg hasn' not left his room in too days after he read the Rubby Mailer List and he is hasing some, er, brown trowser poblems.

The Javacs must be cowering in theys Enterprises with feer. I am glad I is on DDT's side.


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