Friday, August 11, 2006

Uisng Design Pattrens in Yor Rails Appslications

Me and my freidn Clegg has been using Raisl to set up our own W.w.Wwe is using my conputer running Unbuntu to be a ecommerce. When we wtriting so much Rubby we Dont Want To Repaet on Ouseleves so we is started to use Design Pattrens in our Rails appslications to abtrcst some of the Heavy Concetps out of our ecommerce.

The bestet one is here for you to use. Be careful as they is a pwerful voodoo for an experienced hacxker.

Design Pattren No 1: The Straws.

Used when we is making a system for trackjing farms aninmals (Moos! Moos!)

Design Pattren No 2: The Spots

We is using this one in detaild work for servers and bug tracking

Design Pattren No. 4: Legacy Paisleys

This one is used for attaching to old 70's systims (like man frames). Inspird by Cleggs's Dads tie collectshun.

Design Pattren No. Six : The Stripes

We has used this for our wok in corporait finance where they is bore as hell but pays well.
It stops theys being frightened by our leet haxckerieness.

Thats is all the Design pattren s for now. I is off to phome my gf again. She still will not talk to me and now she says she is hangin out with the laeder of the Javacs Users Group in our vilage. She says that he has designed some pattrens too and they is all by Italion Desingers. Typical. A Javacs has no tatse, but loadsa money. They is not hacxkers. They is drones.

At least Rubby has the zen of being won with the code.


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