Tuesday, August 15, 2006

To teh Cabboosers

I awnt to Ptost a Ptost to all my friedns the Cabooosers. Others plz do Not read! Cabosoeo is a l33t Railzors Haxorz Only! In the olden Daze of Rubbys Rails caboose rulesd the greate Pplanes of IRC in a maner similair To the way the Ameriocan Buffalo raomed the America.

But ten.... teh NOOOOOBZ!!!! A vampire Atatack!! And we waz Pushed away adn Made #cabloose. Jusut like in High Scholl hwen my GF would sot bdate me bc she was To Poluopular. but Whose lagushfing now!

I present tso Dear Blobbophile an examples:

Now talking in #rubyonrails
bob - hi how do i make a blog please
railsblob - ACTIONREZORD
bob - ???

Now talking in #caboose
bob2point0 - noobs suck
bob2point0 - i am so smart
railsblob - AZTIONRECROD

Of csousre we are usingg Unbubntu X!! For eletsozrs. Ecommerc. It si true I hav my busines Card. Ands tshe IRsc KEY. Also Atz railzxconsf we Met in sthe Secert CAboose Cave.

So ifs you are a Vampaire from Hell go to ru#byonrails othwrwise. Pleas remember the Docsktumentaion driev and mails your Doobloons to mak RoRr more beter. I ahve set 3 alredy.

Sees you at Rubby Comf!

pss. GF plz call me aspap :(


At 1:27 PM, Anonymous rubbidy dubby bloob fan said...

INKOW, rite?!?!!?!? haha it is a secret rubby injoke right there, m uch like teh #cabbage chat roam!! it is a phrase of agreement AND A RUBBY VENERAL MACHINE IMPLEMENTATION ALL IN ONE!! a pile doubloons to yuo,s ir.

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's me - if you want me to call you - you have to hang up the phone!

How else could I call you?


ps. Don't even start thinking about getting *anything* this weekend!

psps. Second thoughts! Drop all that typing on your computer stuff and we'll talk about it!

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Kevin Clark said...

You're out. First rool of Caboose is to not talk about caboose. PWNED


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